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I just decided that I should remind myself of the people I met and made what I am today. From the ol´Alt.fan.dragons and the muck.
Malathar, Kraeph, Sparky, Franko, Walksfar, Draggar, Nargus, Gonard, Starfyre, YaoChi, Malystryxx, Digi, Arcturax, Larana, Rayanth, Dafydd, Gelgisith, Tamf, Hespa, Scott, Noitaproc, Psyra, Nargus, Draco81s, Draeth, Kelonzia, Viriatha, Zalyina, Theresa Mossberg, Polenth and everyone else whose name I may have forgotten to mention here, I hope y´all be doing well and having a peaceful life. Or death if youre already dead btw, must not forget the fallen ones.

Hope the best of 2017 for all of you.

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It has been a long long time Ive updated this livejournal, but here I am, as some of you already know I am one of the founders and staff of the Brazilian furry convention called Abando, this year´s Abando is just over, we´ve done our best and it went smooth and great, lots of fun and new friends.

I am glad of all this and more, but now I am back to my pityful life untill the next year.

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For everyone who follows me here in the Live journal, a great 2010 and I wish you much luck, love and wealth of money, health and friends!

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Why do I bother trying to fix my computer?
It was runnung perfectly but sometimes it hanged applications. So I decided to install newer drivers. Fine worked.
And since I was up to, I tried to update BIOS to fix some minor errors. Bricked.
Why did I think CrashFree BIOS wasnt just a marketing plot? Stupid me.
Sent the motherboard for repairs, I think they can reprogam the damn stupid bastard bios, but I am afraid they may want to charge for a new motherboard.

Can I reprogram my BIOS chip using a serial cable?

No I am not that smart, if I were I would be rich by now and either way wouldnt be programming stuff by myself. I had money I would send other people to work for me.
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Someone once asked me how to start being an artist. Well, actually as I have read the best way is understanding reality, if you wanna be a pencil and rubber type artist, try studing the nature, the world first. Once ou got it, once you are able to draw the perfect reality by copying a photography or a scene, the you can start altering and creating things new, but not before.
By creating new I mean drawing anthropomorphics and fantasy themed pictures, it will help you a lot to start with the real then jumping to the unreal.
And train, and know your tools. Good pictures does not mean good equipment, means you know how to use it well.
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Yay logged in since a long downtime and its like new uck, all to rebuild and stuff, thanks  Larana for the new account, I hope to find ol lil peep back there.
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This weekend I went 6 hours from home to photograph a cousin marriage, it is funny that life is passing by and I am still the same loser, with no money no real job, no car no nothing. The party and church celebration was nice and all, it made great photos and in the end I will print a book give to them and continue my puny life.
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It is about two years now, and I think I can say that I have seen what is this city about.

I have been raised in a small town, south from Brasil, a town called Blumenau, in the state of Santa Catarina, this town is very small in comparison to São Paulo, but pretty big compared to other colonial cities. Blumenau is a slow pace town, that basically lives out of commerce since they do not manufacturate much there one or other heavy machinery and some clothes. Or rather Brazil the whole do not manufactures anything, the farthest I can say is that we assemble pieces other fabricate, well this isn´t much of a honorable thing, but this is how this country works. export primary stuff such as corn, soy, fish, sugar and metals and import chinese crap, like nike shoes, car pieces and computer parts.

Back to São Paulo, the life here is very different from Blumenau, here the salary is very low, demand is very high, and only management jobs do pay something, for that matter people here work like slaves and live a very stressed life, plus the city is a mess trafficwise, in Blumenau stores usually open around 7 to 8am while here in Sao Paulo stores usually open from 9 to 10 am why? Simple because everything is too far away and public transportation is a failure, one takes about 3 hours to get to the workplace it is a chaos. And people here are very much more consumist, nowhere Ive seen so many nomad stores, a nomad store is someone who doesnt pay taxes to the government, it is like a popcorn stand in a circus, but they infestes everywhere in the city, usually near crowded areas such as metros. They sell all sort of stuff, usually stolen stuff, from socks to cell phones and french fries they run off when the police arrives kicking and shooting them, but then São Paulo is a very commercial city, with lots of banks and offices.

Other parts of the country aint that populous, they have their cities, much like blumenau, they have theirs own life a different life, better life, all but Rio de Janeiro, who lives off drugs and prostitution. The bad part of all is that one rarely see anything Made in Brazil, specially electronics, when there is some it´s a lie, it was only assembled here, and badly I must say with bad cheap parts and bad solding. But then how does Brazil can be put into the list of evolving countries?

Who knows.

I bet it shouldnt.

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I have never been fond of the Dragonheart movie itself, but since there was some few nice actors and a dragon I bought the DVD.
It was long since I have watched the movie both first one and the second one, however, today when I was at the clothing store (returning some clothes that didnt fit me) for some mysterious reason the Dragonheart 2 was on TV, it took me a few minutes to figure out what movie was about, since I couldnt ever guess that such a movie would be on tv, but seeing the silly hatchling face again made me rummage thru my old stuff and watch the movie again.
It still sucks, but it is worth.
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Surfing itunes store I rediscovered my passion for Dragonlance series, with Tracy HickmanВґs Dragon Hearth and the Dragonlance Canticles.
Also decides to buy of the last dragonlance audiobooks, and maybe watch the movie they made around a yr ago. I know itВґs super crappy but I am curious since IВґm a Tasslehoff big fan.
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